Q: “I’m unsure what size Juju to buy…do they run true to size?”
A: Our range sits fairly accurately within average UK sizing.

Q: “What is the size range of JuJu jellies available?” 
A: Our ladies jellies are made in sizes UK 3 – UK 8, our kids jellies are in children’s UK 4 UK - UK 12 and junior sizes UK 8 - UK 2

Q: “Are jelly shoes comfortable?” 
A: Juju’s unique jelly mix is very soft and flexible, and with regular wear will soften further but will not stretch. 

Q: "Can I return my faulty JUJU's to JUJU?"
A: We accept returns of products bought from us directly however if the product was purchased from a different retailer then you need to return them to the retailer you initially bought them from.

Q: "Do JUJU accept work experience applicants?"
A: We at JUJU consider all candidates we receive however as we are inundated with applications we are unable to reply to each one. Successful applicants will be contacted personally.

Q: "Can I buy JUJU's outside the UK?"
A: Yes, our online shop provides international shipping as do many of our UK stockists.

Q: "I can't find the JuJu colour/style I'm looking for…" 
A: We are always very busy making jellies to keep up with the demand; however occasionally some styles/colours may be out of stock with some of our retailers… Please see our Stockists page for links to websites where you may discover the pair you’re after! 

Q: “How do I look after my JuJu jellies? Can I clean them?..” 
A: Jelly is nice and easy to maintain… We suggest using a cloth with warm water and a little washing up liquid to clean your jellies, and a soft towel to dry them. 

Q: “What are the benefits of buying JuJu jelly shoes compared to others?”
A: JuJu is proud to be the original creator of the British Jelly shoe, manufacturing the iconic footwear for over 30 years with the uniquely soft and flexible jelly formula; making our shoes a comfortable wear and far less prone to damage or breakages. 

Q: "Can I buy JuJu direct from the website?" 
A: Yes, see our shop page to place your order.

Q: “Can I make a return or exchange directly through the JuJu website?” 
A: If you’d like to return or exchange your jellies for any reason, we only accept returns of products purchased from our online store directly, if you purchased from another retailer you will need to make exchanges and returns via the store or online retailer you purchased them from. 

Q: “I am a retailer and would like to enquire about purchasing JuJu through a wholesale order…” 
A: We are temporarily not taking anymore wholesaler enquiries, this is something we will review again in the near future.

Q: “Does JuJu offer International shipping?” 
A: As our brand is sold through various online retailers, depending on the individual online retailer’s shipping options, International shipping is available direct from our online shop.

Q: “Do JuJu have their own store?” 
A: We don’t currently have a store of our own, however as we stock with the best retailers, you don’t have to go far to find us on the high street! 

Q: “How many collections do you release each year? How often are new styles introduced?” 
A: At JuJu, we create classic designs and re-release them in a new array of colours and effects for a contemporary twist. We also introduce new styles in to the collection when we have something really special that we know you’ll love!! 

Q: “Where are JuJu jellies manufactured?” 
A: JuJu began producing jelly shoes in 1986 in the same factory in Northampton, the shoe capital of Britain, with the very same traditional methods that they continue to be made today. 

Q: “Do you have a factory shop in Northampton?” 
A: Unfortunately we don’t have a factory shop in Northampton, but to find your favourite jelly shoe in a store please see our Stockists page on the website which can easily put you in the right direction. 

Q: “Is there anything in the material and manufacturing processes of JuJu jellies that makes them unsuitable for Vegetarians/ Vegans?” 
A: All elements of the materials and manufacture are free from animal derived products, as well as being recyclable, making our jellies the perfect option for vegetarians, vegans and the environmentally conscious. 

Q: “We are holding an event, is it possible for JuJu to sponsor us or make a donation?” 
A: JuJu has previously offered sponsorship and made jelly donations to fashion shows and other various occasions, and it is something we feel is important to continue. Whilst we are unable to promise our help to each and every one of the worthwhile causes we are contacted about; we do consider every request with the hope of being able to provide what you need.